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Um grito em forma de livro: Guerra e Paz, Tolstoi

Guerra e Paz (em russo:Война и мир) é um famoso romance escrito por Leon Tolstói e publicado entre 1865 e 1869 no Russkii Vestnik, um periódico da época. É uma das obras mais volumosas da história da literatura universal. O livro narra a história da Rússia à época de Napoleão Bonaparte (notadamente as guerras napoleônicas na Rússia). A riqueza e realismo de seus detalhes assim como suas numerosas descrições psicológicas fazem com que seja considerado um dos maiores livros da História da Literatura.

terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

Um grito a dois: Khalo

Also known as The Flying Bed, this is arguably the most painful self portrait that Frida Kahlo ever painted. Not only had she just suffered her second miscarriage, she was also beginning to realize that she could never carry a pregnancy to term. Additionally, these physical and emotional agonies had to be faced in a foreign city that she detested, and in which she felt completely estranged.

This picture is entitled "A Few Small Nips" by Frida Kahlo. Inspired by a newspaper report about an unfaithful woman murdered by jealously, Frida created this work. A drunken man threw his girlfriend on a cot and stabbed her 20 times. However, he claimed that he only gave her "a few small nips". Frida's sorrow and anger is eminated in this painting after she found out her husband was cheating on her with her sister. The viewer can feel the physical and emotional pain that Frida experienced. This picture is graphic and grotesque making the viewer want to know more about the story behind the painting. To many viewers, this piece of art may not seem beautiful but art does not have to have certain conditions for it to be beautiful. Beauty is personal.

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Um grito na vida: Terrence Malick

Não houve surpresas: favorito desde o primeiro segundo, "The Tree of Life" impõs-se esta noite e levou o ouro de Cannes 2011.

Grito 49

Hoje vi isto.

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Um grito contra o esquecimento: Philip Roth - prémio Man Booker Internacional 2011

Os livros de Philip Roth “estimularam, provocaram e divertiram uma enorme audiência, que continua a crescer” – e é por isso que o júri do prémio Man Booker Internacional 2011 não teve dúvidas em atribuir o prémio ao autor de "Pastoral Americana", e a um dos mais respeitados escritores norte-americanos.

Um grito de alegria: F C Porto campeão europeu 2010 / 2011

A arte no futebol.

quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Um grito de surpresa: Eimuntas Nekrošius

Eimuntas Nekrošius (born on November 21, 1952 in Pažobris village, Raseiniai district municipality) is one of the most renowned theatre directors in Lithuania.

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Grito 48

Amor Mundi
Christina Rossetti
“O where are you going with your love-locks flowing,
On the west wind blowing along this valley track?”
“The downhill path is easy, come with me an it please ye,
We shall escape the uphill by never turning back.”

So they two went together in glowing August weather,
The honey-breathing heather lay to their left and right;
And dear she was to doat on, her swift feet seemed to float on
The air like soft twin pigeons too sportive to alight.

“Oh, what is that in heaven where grey cloud-flakes are seven,
Where blackest clouds hang riven just at the rainy skirt?”
“Oh, that’s a meteor sent us, a message dumb, portentous,
An undeciphered solemn signal of help or hurt.”

“Oh, what is that glides quickly where velvet flowers grow thickly,
Their scent comes rich and sickly?”—”A scaled and hooded worm.”
“Oh, what’s that in the hollow, so pale I quake to follow?”
“Oh, that’s a thin dead body which waits the eternal term.”

“Turn again, O my sweetest,—turn again, false and fleetest:
This beaten way thou beatest I fear is hell’s own track.”
“Nay, too steep for hill mounting; nay, too late for cost counting:
This downhill path is easy, but there’s no turning back.”

Online text © 1998-2011 Poetry X. All rights reserved.
From Poems | Little, Brown, and Company, 1906

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Um grito contra o esquecimento: Manuel António Pina, Prémio Camões 2011

O poeta português Manuel Antonio Pina recebeu nesta quinta-feira o Prêmio Camões 2011, o mais importante prêmio literário de língua portuguesa, anunciou o ministério da Cultura de Portugal.
A volumosa obra de Pina, nascido em Sabugal (centro) em 1943, é composta principalmente por poemas, embora também tenha escrito livros para crianças.

Um grito na alma: Luciano Pavarotti, Nessun Dorma

Luciano Pavarotti singing from a concert in January 1980 with the NY Philharmonic cond. by Zubin Mehta. Compare this performance with other (later) dates; Pavarotti here is clearly still in absolute total command. This was part of the "Live from Lincoln Center" 30th anniversary special.

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Outro grito de espanto: Patagónia

Nunca me cansarei de desejar ser a Patagónia!

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Um grito em forma de livro: Vinte Poemas de Amor e uma Canção Desesperada, Pablo Neruda

Vinte Poemas de Amor e uma Canção Desesperada (Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada) é um livro de poesia de Pablo Neruda, onde se cruza o erotismo da poesia que celebra o corpo da mulher, com o gosto que Neruda tem pela natureza. Nestes poemas, é frequente que os dois planos se cruzem, havendo uma certa identificação entre o corpo feminino e o mundo natural (as paisagens, a terra...).

Neruda escreveu estes poemas quando tinha cerca de vinte anos, mas são alguns dos mais celebrados da sua obra. O livro foi publicado em 1924.

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Um grito na alma: Rodrigo Leão

Um grito a dois: Jindřich Štyrský

Jindřich Štyrský (11 August 1899, Čermná u Kyšperka – 21 March 1942, Prague) was a Czech Surrealist painter, poet, editor, photographer, and graphic artist.
His outstanding and varied oeuvre included numerous book covers and illustrations. He also wrote studies of both Arthur Rimbaud and Marquis de Sade. Along with his artistic partner Toyen (Marie Čermínová), he became a member of Devětsil in 1923, participating in their group exhibitions. He and Toyen also exhibited in Paris in the late 1920s, where they founded their own movement, Artificialism. Between 1928 and 1929 he was director of the group's drama wing, the Osvobozené divadlo, where he collaborated with Vítězslav Nezval (the dance performance of his poetry collection Abeceda) among others. Štyrský was also an active editor. In addition to his Edition 69 series, he edited the Erotická revue, which he launched in 1930, and Odeon, where many of his shorter texts appeared. He was a founding member of The Surrealist Group of Czechoslovakia.

Um grito contra o esquecimento: Three Forms: Vertebrae, Henry Moore

Three Forms: Vertebrae (1968-69), no Museu de Israel, Jerusalem.

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Um grito de partilha: The King Sisters

One of the big band era's most popular and enduring vocal groups, the King Sisters -- Donna, Yvonne, Luise and Alyce -- were born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Taking their stage name from their father, vocal trainer Daddy King Driggs, the siblings initially teamed with their mother and a family friend as the Six King Sisters, first attracting attention while appearing with the Horace Heidt Band in 1935 and enjoying a three-year tenure on Heidt's radio series. The group's lineup shrank to a quartet as the decade wore on, and in 1939 -- following a stint with Al Pearce -- the King Sisters joined a new band formed by Luise's husband, the legendary guitarist Alvino Rey. In addition to appearing on Rey's hits "Nighty Night" and "I Said No," the sisters also scored a series of smashes issued under their own name, among them "The Hut Sut Song," "I Understand," "I'll Get By" and "In the Mood."

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Um grito contra o esquecimento: Coração Independente de Joana Vasconcelos

Coração Independente Preto / Black Independent Heart, 2006, com os seus 3,70 m de altura de ferro pintado e "filigrana" de talheres de plástico, instalado no Arco com som e em rotação - daí a imagem desfocada...
Joana Vasconcelos (Paris, 8 de Novembro de 1971) é uma artista plástica portuguesa contemporânea, considerada como uma das mais marcantes da última década. Formou-se no AR.CO, em 1996. Trabalha frequentemente com a escultura e a instalação.

domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

Um grito de surpresa: A Última Noite de Massy Tadjedin

Joanna e Michael vivem em Nova York. Até então, nada nem ninguém tinha assombrado o seu relacionamento, até ao momento em que cada um deles é tentado, e numa mesma noite... Enquanto Michael está em viagem de negócios com Laura, uma jovem atraente e enigmática, Joanna reencontra Alex, o outro grande amor da sua vida. As 36 horas que se seguem irão obrigá-los a definir as suas escolhas...